[Twitter Update: 070914] AOA celebrated their 700th days since debut


“Hello everyone, it’s Yuna!!! What day is it??? Today is #AOA’s 700th days since debut >.< During 700th days our ELVIS always be with us. We love you ~~ Let's keep together

[Facebook Update: 04/15/14] A Pink’s Bo Mi gaves Nam Joo a letter on her birthday


” Together sincerely on our Namjoo’s birthday!!!!!! Giving my blessing, (I’m) sorry that I didn’t take a good care (of you). We will be opening a party in our dorm with our dongsaeng^^ Very grateful to be always by the side of the unnies. Our Namjoo must enjoy this day happily kekeke? The letter that was written after thorough thinking keke. When will Namjoo see this leter… ㅎㅎ”