2013 Comebacks and Debuts

Girls’ Generation - I Got A Boy (Album)

Release Date: January 01, 2013

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September Celebrants

Hae Lim (Wonder Girls) - September 01, 1992

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Kahi and G.NA revealed to be making their comebacks soon



It looks like the next few months will feature the return of  two powerful soloists. Singers G.NA andKahi are ramping up work on their respective comeback albums!

Sexy icon G.NA is slated to return to the Korean music scene sometime in March. Since her last promotions were 10 months ago, with “2HOT“, she is making plans to show off a powerful performance. “We’re thinking of many promotions to once again bring G.NA’s sexiness and strong points to the forefront,” said a representative for G.NA.

Kahi, formerly of After School, is planning on making a comeback in the first half of 2013 as well. Since this will be her first solo comeback since 2011, expectations are high.

“In fact, when Kahi was performing with After School, there was an element of her trying to match evenly with the other members. Since this will be a solo stage, she will be able to show off her skills without any drawbacks,” said a staff member familiar with her comeback plans.