Guide to Running Man Episode 51 – 75

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Guide to Running Man Episodes from 26 – 50

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List of Running Man Episodes from 1 – 25

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September Celebrants

Hae Lim (Wonder Girls) - September 01, 1992

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Song Joong Ki regrets never being part of a ‘campus couple’


Actor Song Joong Ki revealed his honest feelings about never being part of a “campus couple.”

On the December 27th broadcast of SBS Radio Power FM‘s ‘Cultwo Show‘, Song Joong Ki shared, “I regret not [dating] during my college days.”

When asked if there’s a difference between his first year of university and now, he answered, “I debuted while I was in school. Thankfully, the students on the college campus let me be free. “

Song Joong Ki continued, “Until now, there has not been one female classmate who has confessed to having a crush on me. I regret not [experiencing being part of a] campus couple.”