4minute reveal their ideal types


After revealing that their agency is fairly open when it comes to their dating policy, 4minute gave more hope to fans by revealing their ideal types!

On the March 26th broadcast of KBS Cool FM‘s ‘Lee So Ra’s Music Plaza‘, HyunA revealed her ideal type, “I don’t have a particular ideal type, and I like someone who I can connect with. I am the style to have to know someone for a long time to like him, so I like someone who gets along well with me.”

Jihyun shared, “He has to be a respectful person who I can learn from and is not the player type.” Sohyun also shared that the feelings have to be mutual, “I have to like that person. No matter how much someone likes me, if I don’t like him back, he can’t have my heart.”

Gayoon revealed she likes the more assertive type, “I like an outgoing person… Since I can’t be outgoing, I like someone who approaches me first.”


Credits: allkpop