[Fan Cafe Update: 03/04/14] After School’s Raina is excited to see everyone for Orange Caramel’s comeback


“Hilo!! Not long more to our Comeback~

Lately we’ve been rehearsing alot.. Thanks to all the support, and also the delicious food from you fans, 

we don’t feel tired at all and are still going strong~

Just thinking about seeing everyone soon is making me so excited
We’ll show you our fresh new look soon~ Take care and don’t catch a cold!^^”

[Twitter Update: 02/28/14] After School’s Nana had a great time in Universal Studios Japan



Came to have fun playing~!!!!!
It’s been a long time since I’ve been on other rides, so excited^^
The weather is good and there are lots of people~♪♬
I love (Universal Studio’s) attractions~~~♡
Let’s meet tomorrow at Daimaru!!^^”

[Fan Cafe Update: 02/25/14] After School’s Nana after practicing Orange Caramel’s comeback



“OC just finished practicing~!!!

Recently~I’m Catallena♡

We’re coming back soon!^^
We’re practicing hard, so please wait for a little bit more!
Tired………….aigoo ;

Now I’m going to wash up and go to sleepㅋㅋSince I need to do my best again tomorrow..^^

Everyone, good night♡”