[Profile] Shinhwa (신화)




Entertainment Agency: Shinhwa Company

Debut Date: May 09, 1998

Debut Album: The Problem Solver

Fan Club: Shinhwa Changjo

Official Color: Orange

Website: shinhwacompany


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Photos from SBS’ ‘Running Man’ Episode 161 – Running Man VS Shinhwa


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2013 Comebacks and Debuts

Girls’ Generation – I Got A Boy (Album)

Release Date: January 01, 2013

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Shinhwa tops Taiwanese music charts with ‘The Classic’

Shinhwa‘s latest release is receiving a flood of support from the group’s devoted fans not only in Korea but in other parts of Asia as well!

They’ve ranked #1 on Hanteo charts, #1 on Soribada’s weekly charts for 2 weeks in a row in Korea, and also #1 on Japan’s Tower Record’s weekly charts already. But now, their 11th album ‘The Classic’ has also been spotted at #1 on Taiwan’s Five Music’s and Chia Chia Record’s weekly charts.

Shinhwa Company said, “We’re very happy that we got #1 in Taiwan. We’re thankful for our overseas fans’ passionate support, and we’ll be giving back through Shinhwa’s 2013 Asia Tour starting in June.”

Congratulations to Shinhwa!