[Profile] Crayon Pop (크레용팝)


Crayon Pop


Entertainment Agency: Chrome Entertainment

Debut Date: October 24, 2012

Debut Song: Dancing Queen

Fan Club: Cutie

Website: crayon-pop

Youtube: crayonpopvideo

Twitter: @crayonpop

Facebook: crayonpop

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[Instagram Update: 04.21.15] Crayon Pop’s So Yul with Jung Moo’s CD


“Jungmo-oppa’s MnD album Thank you very much >. Was busy taking the picture without realizing the album was upside down…Sorry…but my name is written on the album Woohoo Wohoo #MnD Daebak#Jungmo oppa#KimHeeChul sunbae-nim #Soyul #Touched HokHok #LoveYou Sorry for #NoMakeUp”