[Facebook Update: 04/15/14] A Pink’s Eun Ji is practicing for Full House


“Practicing for Full House right now ㅜㅜ Today will be the first performance!! Unknowingly tomorrow will be the performance ㅜㅜ So nervous…ㅜㅜㅜ Wishing Namjoo once again Happy Birthday on 15th April!!♡♡♡♡♡♡ #Apink #Apink #Mr_Chu #MrChu”

[Facebook Update: 04/15/14] A Pink’s Bo Mi gaves Nam Joo a letter on her birthday


” Together sincerely on our Namjoo’s birthday!!!!!! Giving my blessing, (I’m) sorry that I didn’t take a good care (of you). We will be opening a party in our dorm with our dongsaeng^^ Very grateful to be always by the side of the unnies. Our Namjoo must enjoy this day happily kekeke? The letter that was written after thorough thinking keke. When will Namjoo see this leter… ㅎㅎ”

[Facebook Update: 04/04/14] A Pink’s Cho Rong is nervous for their comeback


“I’m.. very nervous…now..Finally today..is APink’s comeback date..! The weather is cooling because it rained! It would be great if the weather is good in the morning!^-^ Let’s pray everyone!! Today seems like there’s a lot of this and that thoughts for the night!On behalf of our company staffs, who have worked very hard for the APink’s preparation this time, (thanks for the) hard work! The fans who are waiting have worked hard too!♥ Also… we APink have worked really hard too♥ So right now.. we will enjoy it seriously^-^ !!! APink let’s go!! Fans let’s go together too!!”