VIXX’s Hyuk to make acting debut in movie ‘Hold On to Live’


VIXX‘s Hyuk will take his first acting challenge through upcoming movie ‘Hold On to Live’.

A rep of The Queen said on June 10th that VIXX‘s Hyuk has been casted in new nonstop style comedy-action movie ‘Hold On to Live'(working title).

The idol will play as Won Tae, a young detective. Actor Kim Jung Tae and Kim Seung Woo have also been confirmed for the movie.

Regarding Hyuk‘s casting, a rep revealed,“We prepared and held auditions over a long period of time, focusing on idol members who are interested in acting and ready but haven’t appeared in any dramas or movies, in order to bring out the fresh character of Won Tae”.

“Although Hyuk has no acting experience, he has been constantly receiving acting lessons and his passion is also very strong. We casted him since he fits with our character image”, the rep continued.

‘Hold On to Live’ is expected to begin filming next month while aiming to premiere at the end of this year.