[Profile] Kim Jong Kook (김종국)

Kim Jong Kook 김종국 Entertainment Agency: Maroo Entertainment Debut Date: September 06, 1995 Debut Group: Turbo Occupation: Singer and Television Personality Official Website: Kim Jong Kook

[Profile] VICTON (빅톤)

VICTON 빅톤 Voice to the New World Entertainment Agency: Plan A Entertainment Debut Date: November 09, 2016 Debut Single: I’m Fine Facebook: VICTON1109 Youtube: VICTON Twitter: VICTON1109 Instagram: victon1109 Symbol:

Guide to We Got Married Season 3 Couples

We Got Married Season 3

Guide to We Got Married Season 2 Couples

We Got Married Season 2

[Discography] Orange Caramel (오렌지캬라멜)

Orange Caramel

[Discography] KARA (카라)

KARA 카라 Entertainment Agency: DSP Media Entertainment Debut Date: March 29, 2007 Debut Song: Break It Fans Club Name: Kamilia Official Color: Pearl Peach