[Instagram Update: 04.21.15] Crayon Pop’s So Yul with Jung Moo’s CD


“Jungmo-oppa’s MnD album Thank you very much >. Was busy taking the picture without realizing the album was upside down…Sorry…but my name is written on the album Woohoo Wohoo #MnD Daebak#Jungmo oppa#KimHeeChul sunbae-nim #Soyul #Touched HokHok #LoveYou Sorry for #NoMakeUp”

[Instagram Update: 04.19.15] EXO’s Chan Yeol thanks fans for their win


“Inkigayo triple crown!!!! Thank you everyone!!!! Despite the fact that we were unable to perform on stage due to our schedule in Japan, thank you so so much for crowning us 1st place this Friday!! We will always repay this favor by showing good sides of us in the future!! I love you EXO-L!!! #Cultwo”